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Writing: The Bridge between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

There are generally three forms of papers, thought papers, research papers, and papers that are creative. There can be components of all three present, but papers largely end up in one of several three categories. The main focus on REL 303 may be the thought paper; no outside research is required. The focus on REL 407 into the shorter papers is the thought paper; no outside research is required. The main focus on REL 407 into the final paper may be either a thought paper, which requires no outside research, or a research paper involving use of outside sources.

  • a) Thought papers can make use of materials beyond the reading that is required need not do this. Rather, the main focus is on careful study, analysis, and elaboration of ideas presented within a limited context, such as for example a single article or book with some support from assigned secondary readings. It is helpful to concentrate on one or two ideas, passages, or paragraphs and think about the ramifications thereof.
  • b) Research papers deal with a study that is careful of evidence available to support and refute arguments. You are not expected to go to outside material, however it is often helpful to obtain supporting evidence beyond what is based in the required texts to back your assertions up.
  • c) Creative papers can sometimes include forms such as for instance fictional narrative, personal narrative, poetry, and illustrations as a key part or most of the product that is finished. It is vital to work closely aided by the instructor if you wish to do an even more project that is creative.
  • d) You may write on a single of the suggested topics, or perhaps you may formulate your own topic; when you look at the latter case you need to write a paragraph-length topic out and submit it by email towards the instructor for approval. Continue reading