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Concept of pimp in English

1 a guy whom controls prostitutes and organizes customers for them, taking a share of these earnings in exchange.

  • ‘She utilized to operate a vehicle also prostitutes and their pimps to consumers but, as she claims, ‘now they have rich and also have unique automobiles, and don’t hire taxis any more’.’
  • ‘The reasons include objections from residents additionally the zones becoming overcrowded, as they possibly can behave as a magnet for prostitutes, pimps, customers and medication dealers off their areas.’
  • ‘Hanna quickly starts to imitate Nana, a prostitute for an abusive pimp, and appropriates Nana’s signature line ‘I have always been responsible.’’
  • ‘In addition towards the vernaculars of her very own bloodstream kin, Oreo also can claim fluency into the salty street talk of hustlers, pimps, and prostitutes, plus the obscure erudition of cranky scholars.’
  • ‘The location comes with its disadvantages – there exists a great deal of prostitution when you look at the vicinity of their building, and their rest was interrupted by noisy arguments between pimps and prostitutes.’
  • ‘Roaming the roads along side him were many pimps, prostitutes, yet others who have been ‘looking for a great time.’’
  • ‘The once affluent and peaceful area where well-to-families lived in big Victorian properties ended up being now saturated in bed-sits and house to pimps, prostitutes and dealers.’
  • ‘The other people had been forced into prostitution by pimps, small-time opportunists, and arranged bands.’
  • ‘Government officials believe the radical action could assist combat violent pimps and get prostitutes off Swindon’s streets.’
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  • ‘They would record road noises, chatting pimps, junkies and prostitutes and produce art videos.’
  • ‘At times, these closures have actually resulted in the arrest for the actors and actresses included as pimps and prostitutes.’
  • ‘Now, if every prostitute whom fears her pimp is really a intercourse servant, then under Landesman’s meaning, many American prostitutes are intercourse slaves!’
  • ‘Next, a businessman from Alberta Avenue, Edmonton’s many notorious walk, informs the team about viewing a pimp beat a prostitute inside the parking great deal.’
  • ‘You understand, teenage boys and women thinking ‘I am able to turn into a stripper, a prostitute or perhaps a pimp while having a simple life’ and did not understand the truth of this life.’

2 Australian informal A telltale or informer. Continue reading