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13 Factors Why Revealed a Gay Character—And Then he was killed by them

Trigger and spoiler warnings.

After final period’s horrific finale where Tyler Down is graphically intimately assaulted by having a broom, we vowed to myself that i mightn’t view any longer of Netflix’s controversial show 13 main reasons why, that will be problematic at most readily useful and a flaming heap of trash at worst.

We planned on keeping that promise—that is, until i arrived home Friday evening and my roomie had been a few episodes deeply. And so I chose to settle in, and we also quickly binged all of it.

And I also be sorry.

The majority of period three reads being an apology trip for a rapist that is serial. We find away in episode the one that Bryce Walker, the jock that is vile raped Hannah Baker in period one, happens to be murdered and any among the major castmates had probable cause to destroy him. Through flashbacks, we are forced to start to see the “good part” of Bryce where he attempts to make amends for their hot ukrainian brides “mistakes,” but fails therefore spectacularly which he eventually ends up dead.

Throughout all of that nonsense, 13 Factors why manages to introduce and bury a homosexual character in a matter of a few episodes.

We came across Montgomery de la Cruz final period, but we did not know much about him besides their All-American asshole jock demeanor that took a change for the even worse as he graphically sodomized Tyler against their might. The attack stayed a key and lingers over Monty’s character all period very very very long.

In episode five with this period, Monty attends an ongoing party with Bryce. Because they walk as much as the mansion why these high schoolers are partying in, Monty makes intense attention connection with a kid we later learn is known as Winston. Continue reading